Apologies to Stones Throw for re-using their title – I just couldn’t think of anything better

James Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla was, alongside Madlib and Premier, probably the most influential producer in the A Boom Bap Continuum mix and the ideas that birthed it. He was an inspiration to many and his music lives on despite his tragic passing in 2006.

Stones Throw today posted a Fader piece from 2006 discussing some of his greatest work (debatable obviously) by the people who collaborated with him on it. It’s a fascinating read into the mind of a production genius and someone who (alongside Madlib again) single-handedly evolved the boom bap aesthetic.


One of my top 3 Jay Dee beats I’d love to know the story behind is this one. 2013 update: I did actually get the story behind the following remix, stay tuned I’ll post it sometime soon.

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