A Boom Bap Continuum… the talks

Sometime in the summer of 2011 I came across a call for people to participate in the Sonic Lectures at a new Berlin space called Centrum. They were asking people passionate about music to delve into one specific area for an hour and a half, presenting it to others in the form of an interactive/multi media talk. And so the idea came to take all the work that I’d done with the articles and mix – exploring the evolution of hip-hop’s production aesthetics – and use that. The end result was a sort of talk version of the mix, deconstructing its historical progression, adding some flesh onto the bones of the ideas.

It proved an interesting and successful effort, and is ultimately how I ended up with the central idea behind the book – the rise of the producer as artist – and the conviction that a book was worth attempting. On that last point I owe a debt of gratitude to the guy I met in Berlin who told me I should a write a book when I explained to him what I was doing in town.

The talks took place over the course of about 6 months in the first half of 2012. There was a dry run in London in October 2011 at a music college, but the talks proper happened in Berlin, Limerick, Cologne, and Bologna. Two of them were recorded and I’ve added one of those recordings below for anyone interested.

Disclaimer – the talks were rough to start with, I was still very much playing with the ideas, molding them as I went along. So there are holes in the theory, things not mentioned etc… this is why I am now writing a book.

What next?

I may still revisit the talks now that the book is well underway and a much more concrete thing. I liked doing them and with all the work I’m doing for the book there is scope for bringing sides of the story, elements of the narrative and theories to people in a talk format. Especially as talks allow the use of music and images in a way the book doesn’t (well for music at least, in terms of the physical format).

If and when that happens I’ll update it here.

Listen back…

The embed below is a recording of the first talk, held at Centrum in Berlin in January 2012.

Many thanks to everyone who invited me to come and give those talks. I owe you all one.