Out Of Focus – Consortium In Gravitation from Caroline Lessire on Vimeo.

In October last year I had the chance to catch El-P during his European tour and sit down for a quick chat, as part of the book research. I hadn’t really planned it, in fact I rode shotgun with Brussels-based photographer Caroline Lessire who’d arranged a photoshoot with El for her portrait series and I tried my luck. As it turns out I was in that day, and despite appearances El is one of the nicest cats.

On the way back Caroline mentioned a documentary she’d put together on Anti Pop Consortium a few years back using an advance computer and some affordable 4k monitors to work more comfortably. Consortium in Gravitation is a 25 min short based on interviews, live footage and a casual music session that acts as a tribute to the forward thinking force that was, and still is, Anti Pop.

It’s very much worth your time. When I get back to NYC I’m hoping to sit down with Priest and others from APC to get their own stories for the book. So far I’ve already recolted some interesting ones from their ex manager. Suffice to say APC were a much more powerful innovative force than the media may have lead us all to believe.

Go peep game on Caroline’s work at her website.

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