Another one I’ve been meaning to post about for a minute but kept forgetting. Hopefully I don’t get derailed too much and will continue adding a lot more content to this research blog, as I bring all the past couple years’ work together to sit down and write in the coming months.

Aardvarck is a legend. Dutch producer. Visionary some might say. Someone who definitely hears and sees things others don’t. A key character in Holland’s part in this story I’m trying to tell. Had the pleasure to meet him once a couple years back and it was enlightening, as he is one of those real character type personas. He’s currently relocated to Bali as far as I know, which is a shame cos I’ve always imagined a conversation with Aardvarck for this project could be a special one. You never know.

Anyways I interviewed Pete Concrete recently, who runs the small indie Eat Concrete label from Holland, and who has history with Aardvarck going back to their respective beginnings in Den Bosch. And by the way Den Bosch appears to be the hometown for quite a few Dutch people involved in this story, with Jameszoo and Yuri Cinnaman also from the city. While talking we discussed this mix which Aardvarck released via the label a while back. It’s basically more or less the same thing that we attempted with ABBC but on crack. 38 minutes of intricately chopped up and selected beats. Searching.

As I’ve said before, sometimes you just need to let the music speak for itself.

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