Last year I stopped in Milan on my way to Bologna and was kindly put up for the day by Larry Gus after we linked up on Twitter. Larry is a Greek producer now residing in Milan, and is about to release a debut album on the legendary label DFA.

When I passed through his in Milan we spent a lot of time discussing the work I was doing on the book and Madlib, who Larry is a massive fan of. And then recently I saw a mix Larry put together of all Madlib beats titled ‘The Blue Flowers’ – listen and download above. With so much Madlib material out in the world, these kind of mixes are a good way to go through chunks of what is arguably the biggest body of work in hip hop. Madlib has in the past hinted that only about 30% of his work has ever seen the light of day, and I’m not even sure if this includes the beat tapes that have leaked over the years.

Going over the mix in the course of research I realised that Larry also sat down with L.A journalist Jeff Weiss to discuss Madlib’s influence on his life and work. Read the full interview.

Borges says that the infinite combinations of all letters in the english alphabet can be contained in some billions of books, but they can also be written in a tiny book with an infinite amount of ultra-thin pages. Madlib takes my head and makes me look straight into the infinite abyss, blurring past and future so effortlessly. He makes me want to die. I was seeing an interview, and he was telling how he sleeps with his snoogle pregnancy pillow 2 hours every night, just writing music all day, all week, all month, all year. In that way he reminds me of Woody Allen. They both adhere to this fundamental belief that creativity comes first above anything else, and that all the rest is just a fucking circus, where you don’t have to be involved with if you don’t want to. (And it’s crazy that he actually is a Woody Allen admirer!! )

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