Stumbled across this amazing lengthy post by Questlove (assuming it’s from the Okayplayer boards, though the link I found it on is a Wu Tang board where it was pasted). It discusses Jay Dee’s beat tapes, the state of mind and vibe of the 90s production scene and the genius that Questlove saw in the man’s work. It’s not an easy piece to follow per se, I’m still trying to figure out some of it, but it makes for fascinating reading.

The idea that Jay Dee would just make tapes of him trying to better his idols’ work, like Pete Rock, speaks a lot about his dedication to the craft of making music, and how this honesty and his humbleness likely combined to make him such a great yet unrecognised artist.

Now if anybody knows where the Pete Rock batch Questlove refers to in this article can be heard, please let me know (via the contact page).

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