Here’s another interview I came across while researching one of my own forthcoming chats for the book. This time it’s with Marvin ‘Seven’ Bedard, the founder of Chocolate Industries, the Miami label responsible for the Tried By 12 remix EP mentioned a few posts ago. Well that and a string of releases that hit the sweet spot between electronic and hip hop at a time when work of that sort regularly fell through the cracks and was still hard to understand for most. From the early to mid 00s Chocolate Industries was a vital label, pushing sonic ideas that connected the dots between NYC hip hop, IDM and the work of people like Prefuse 73 (who did a few remixes for them).

The piece is fairly short but it offers interesting insights into the influences that went into making Chocolate Industries happen.

Bedard, 34, is quick to drop the names of artists who motivated him early on. His reverence for British electro duo Autechre, which he describes as the “next level of the Miami bass subculture,” is paired with a fixation on Aphex Twin and Rephlex Records. And though he doesn’t want those early influences to solely define the aesthetic he established with Chocolate Industries, the respect is still palpable.

“It was the beats,” he tells me. “The beats were serious.”

Read the full article.

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