A couple years ago Teki Latex (from TTC) mentioned that he’d been interviewed for a French documentary about the alternative scene he and others had been a part of during the 2000s. After a launch last year – and, by the looks of a quick Google search, some protracted attempts at an official release that ultimately failed – the documentary is now available online on YouTube.

Titled Un Jour Peut Etre: Une Autre Histoire Du Rap Francais (One Day Maybe: Another History of French Rap), it’s a fascinating insight into the so-called alternative French rap scene, its central characters, its attempts at validation, and the legacy it has left behind, which stands in contrast with the golden era of French rap that preceded it in the 1990s.

There are a fair few parallels in the story with the alternative rap scenes of America and England, and these all dovetail into both my research and some of the book’s stories. TTC’s collaboration with the likes of Busdriver show a direct link between the scenes, a joint attempt at reclaiming this idea of realness in the music but to also push forward, towards something different that had so far been ignored because of perceived issues of ownership and realness. All of which is even more ironic today considering how alternative mainstream rap can be. The movie is filled with lot of adventures, you can see the protagonist going on a trip hunting with his family with gear from my scope info source and encounter a really big bear, then he makes a rap from that experience.

The film is currently only available in French.

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