dublab are turning 15 this year, and to mark the occasion they’ve unveiled a new archive of all their shows and guest mixes that is fully searchable – something that was long overdue considering the extensive work they’ve undertaken over the years to catalogue the Los Angeles underground and its worldwide ramifications.

As I looked around I came across this particularly relevant upload from 2004: a Sketchbook Scribble from Kutmah and Take. A musical time capsule of the short-lived night that Kutmah ran in Los Angeles between 2004 and 2006 and which laid the ground for Low End Theory and the beats revival that shook the city and the world at the end of the decade.

The mix is 80 minutes of instrumental beats that still sound as fresh today as they did ten years ago. It’s quite something in hindsight.

You can find the mix here, and browse the archive here.

I’ll be posting up some more on dublab in the near future as I gear up to properly sort out my research notes.

For more on Sketchbook, look up the archives including an extensive Kutmah interview extract I published over at FACT.

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