I was listening back to Mark Pritchard’s DJ set at the Golden Pudel in Hamburg the other day. It’s from July 2012 and is credited as Harmonic 313, but considering Mark’s lengthy list of monikers and his recent decision to bin them all to group all his work under his real name, let’s just call him that.

I can’t remember why or how but it struck me at some point that this mix, more than some of the others he’s uploaded to his Soundcloud, is in many ways a perfect audio embodiment of the dots I’m trying to join with the book. Which is hardly surprising as Mark’s career, and many of his beliefs, are aligned with what I’m trying to do with the book. He’s worked across hip hop and electronic music genres and styles, and to do that he had to see things a certain way. He had to see the underlying connections between sampling, breaks, machines and funk.

The set (split into two parts, second one below) runs through a lot of different music that may at first seem disparate yet has a running thread that, to me at least, makes total sense. Hip hop, new wave, rave/breakbeat, beats, grime, dubstep, jungle, footwork. It all makes beautiful sense.

So if you’re wondering what exactly it is I’m trying to do with this book you could do worse than to listen to Mark in the mix for two hours.

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