Earlier this week I came across the Eleven Phases compilation, a collection of hip hop beats by Detroit techno artists, including a fair few legends like Robert Hood, Shake Shakir and more. The beats have aged but the compilation remains a fascinating window into the past, coming across at times not unlike a lot of what Kenny Dope had been doing in New York for a while in the preceeding years.

One of the dominating impressions of my current stay in Detroit is that here the (often arbitrary) borders between electronic music and hip hop are blurrier. Not for everyone but the vibe permeates the city and its musical population. Talking to Waajeed and a few others has certainly reinforced that idea and projects like this Eleven Phases compilation – which is 15 years old – only further hammer the nail for me.

There’s another, similar compilation I came across from the early 2000s as well, which I’ll try and dig out once I start going through all the research.

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