Managed to finally catch up with Kode 9 yesterday for a quick chat about part of the talk I give where I argue that the radio show he did with Flying Lotus on Rinse in 2007 was a turning point in the coming together of the two ‘nuums, or more accurately of the hardcore continuum and the L.A (and to a degree worldwide) beats scene (which is part of the history and evolution I discuss in the talk).

I’ll hopefully post this little chat in the future as it’ll become part of the talk anyways (alongside the ones I’ve done with Machinedrum and Dom Sum). In the meantime I went looking for Woozy With Cider remix which Kode had pointed out was his first attempt at a production influenced by the beats scene (in terms of synths and loosening the rhythm) and unfortunately couldn’t find it. Instead though I found a copy of the radio show in question, so I’m bumping that all morning and so should you. It is a very important turning point, and really marks the coming together of two aesthetics that were seemingly unlinked before hand but would become intertwined further and further in coming years.

More on all this soon. (If this link ever goes down and someone wants the show I’ve got it backed up somewhere)

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