During the second part of my research trip to NYC in December/January I met up with Antipop’s High Priest. Ahead of our chats Priest sent me details of a new series of releases he was making available on Bandcamp, a series of instrumental EPs inspired by his long-standing love of production and experimentation. At the same time I was contacted by Bandcamp to do some editorial for them and so decided to pitch something on Priest as it seemed fitting and I was about to sit down with him for the book anyway. It ended up being fairly last minute but it worked out nicely.

The feature is short and only touches briefly on some of what we spoke about for the book, the quote at the beginning and the details of how he and APC came up, however I think it works nicely as a simple introduction to an artist whose body of work is complex and riveting. Our discussion touched on a lot of interesting subjects and ideas that I’ll be coming back to.

“I wanted to “dead” rapping at the forefront early on, and keep putting the beats forward more … when I saw the L.A. thing evolve and take hold I was like, ‘finally!’”

Read the full feature here.

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