Something I been meaning to post for a while but only just got round to properly checking after it started popping up online about 6 or so months ago. Waajeed, one of the main figures of the Detroit scene, close friend of Dilla and the man behind Bling47 (who we featured on the mix intro from his RBMA lecture), relaunched his site at the beginning of the year and started a series of fascinating videos looking at the breaks Dilla used for many of his classic productions.

Above is a particularly amazing one with Rich Medina – each video features Waajeed and different producers who worked with/knew Dilla – talking about the Oblighetto track. As he points out, it’s particularly interesting because it was also used for the Scenario beat – from ATCQ’s second album, Low End Theory – marking it as a sample flipped both during hip hop’s ‘golden era’ and during its 00’s period, which is the era that interests me most with this project.

Anyways head over to the Bling47 site and check all the videos, the latest one which tells the story of Dilla’s D’Angelo remix is also great not least because it features a picture of Dilla, D’Angelo, Premier and Alchemist together in the studio. Old to the new.

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