I’ll finally be making it to Detroit for the last field trip of my research in December. Ahead of this I interviewed Black Milk last month who has now temporarily relocated to Austin. Alongside my chat with Houseshoes while in L.A earlier this year this has allowed me to start painting a mental map of the city and what I need to do while there.

Luckily Milk’s got a new album and has been touring it, so I jumped at the chance to catch him while in London and also managed to sit down and do another quick interview this time for FACT’s ongoing On Record series, where artists discuss albums they love.

Milk chose Slum Village’s classic Fan-Tas-Tic vol.2 as his album and the chat proved enlightening especially in his description of their work as a “hood version of Tribe Called Quest”.

Read the feature here.

Also I don’t think I mentioned it before, but the recently published double-feature on beat tapes also includes a brief extract from my book interview with Milk, touching on (of course) the subject of beat tapes.

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