Now here’s a funny one. Since agreeing to do these lectures based on the ABBC mix, I’ve had the idea of doing an infographic of the boom bap continuum. Trying to combine the chronological element of the mix/theory with the producers and geographical locations to create something visual that could easily summarise the idea and interest people in finding out more. I think infographics are also a great way to discover new patterns, as someone recently pointed out to me joining the dots is fun (ABBC was a joining the dots exercise) and can always lead to more ideas, seeing new patterns etc…

I’ve started on it but am still very much at conceptual stage. So the other day when I received a message telling me someone had done it, I was both happy and pissed off. As it turns out this infographic was done by Nate James from California for a school/academic project. His work focused on what he termed the beat generation (something that’s cropped up before in various interviews as it’s a handy term considering its historical implications) and attempted to map the locations of 120 artists as well as their stylistic links, such as dub, electronic, ambient etc… Definitely an interesting approach, and while I don’t particularly agree with everyone he’s chosen or who he forgot or how he went about it, I have a lot of respect for him actually doing it, especially in an academic context. These are the kind of things you can’t get right for everyone – and I expect my attempt to have downfalls and create its own set of moaning/backlash – but it’s great to see it being done, because it can feed into more collective works and attempts at cataloguing what’s been happening.

Unfortunately it would appear the high res version has been removed, I’m gonna assume due to some backlash/moaning that spread up on the internet shortly after it was published. You can see the small version of it below which gives an indication of what it looks like even if you can’t read the finer details. A big flaw for me was its US centric content but still an inspiring piece of work to get me off my butt and do one.

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