In 2009 I had the pleasure to meet and have a long chat with Take aka Sweatson Klank, one of the original pioneers of beats in L.A. Aside from his role as a producer, Take’s most notable for his involvement in Sketchbook a night that few people outside of L.A knew of until 2010 when its founder, Kutmah, found himself imprisoned and deported from the USA.

During our chat Take broke down the history of the L.A beat scene if you will, explaining how Sketchbook started, grew, died and ultimately paved the way for Low End Theory. There’s a lot of notable moments in this, especially his references to young producers like Flying Lotus coming through or Prince dropping by.

You can hear it all on the below soundcloud embed – we used it for the intro and a bunch of other segments in between years, notably between 05 and 06.

Take aka Sweatson Klank on Sketchbook and birth of the beat scene in LA by laurentfintoni

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