Ok not an omission as such as we had the Prefuse remix of 360 degrees in the mix, though omission in so far as there was nothing from the man himself or from his earlier work. If you don’t know check the discogs, Push Button Objects was definitely an unsung early pioneer of more experimental approaches to beats and boom bap most notably with the Unauthorized EP released in 98 on Chocolate Industries.

The song below is from the Dirty Dozen album released in 2000. It’s not the album’s best track but the only one I can find on Youtube unfortunately.

I’ve been listening to a lot of his back catalogue today and while at first it might not be as striking as works by other contemporaries of his like Prefuse there’s something in his productions that was undeniably ahead of its time. The way he blended hip hop’s boom bap aesthetic with electronics was undeniably fresh at the time and precedes a lot of similar work in the early 00s. He’s also someone that’s been often quoted as an inspiration by the likes of Machinedrum and others especially in the early days.

Also he was/is Miami-based, a part of the US that often gets forgotten when talking about the geographical hot spots of boom bap and beats.

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