Not quite sure how we missed that one when culling samples for the mix. Anyways I was reminded last night that Dabrye had in fact done a lecture for RBMA’s 2007 edition in Toronto so went through it and found some gems. Most notably at 38 mins in when he laments his music being described as glitch hop and says that he always felt that he was just making hip hop with his own take on it. This is a sentiment echoed in a lot of interviews I’ve done and read and which was a major inspiration for doing the mix and work surrounding it. He also talks about how he met Dilla and how Game Over came to be, alongside his other work as JTC, Tadd Mullinix and SK1.

The RBMA lecture archive is a great source of inspiration if you’ve never checked it. I’ll be posting other lectures we sampled including Waajeed.

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