Another flagrant omission on our part, especially considering Om Unit and I used to rinse this track back in the days at the Dragon Bar. Ty ‘We Don’t Care’, taken from the first Big Dada compilation Extra Yard: The Bouncement Revolution and released in 2003.

Produced by Drew and Ty, this is another perfect example of the early experimentations that became a norm in some hip hop circles in recent years. Aesthetic wise this is one of those early foray into hip hop fused with grinding electronic riddims and sounds, alongside tracks like Brandy’s What About Us, Red Pill or Agent Orange which are all from 03/04.

The whole compilation is worth checking out, featuring plenty of bugged out productions and experimentations from the likes of Part 2. It’s also quite interesting in how it tried to highlight some of the links that did exist between UK hip hop and grime at the time, back when the former was ‘dying’ a slow death and the latter was becoming THE UK street sound. On that tip Part 2’s grime remix of Fallacy from 03 (I forgot the track name) is also worth checking out for some riddim action.

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