Now I can’t quite believe we somehow skipped Dimlite in the mix, but hey we did. Mea culpa and all that.

The reclusive Swiss producer is hands down one of the most influential, if not outspoken, producers of the 00s when it comes to new school hip hop and the evolution of the boom bap aesthetic. What this man did with the grey middle ground between hip hop and electronic was quite simply mindblowing. To pick out the one track for omission would be difficult, quite frankly his entire discography is worthy of your time and money and makes for a fascinating insight into the evolution of a producer who is quite clearly in a league of his own, experimenting in a distinctly free way.

Here’s his contribution to Beat Dimensions vol.2, Ravemond’s Young Problems, complete with a fully bugged out video

His more recent releases on Now Again are also great and while they drift away from the hip hop/electronic moods of his earlier work – especially the 2011 Grimm Reality release – there’s still nuggets of absolute genius such as Sun Sized Twinkles from the 2010 Prismic Tops release.

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