When I titled the previous post ‘You Forgot About Miami’ I was also talking about myself to be honest.

Meeting Michna in NYC this week for the book made me realise that Secret Frequency Crew, whom he was a part of, were a group I’d omitted before, and certainly one we’d omitted from the ABBC mix.

Their debut album was released in 2004 via Schematic. Hear it above, it’s still available to buy on iTunes by the looks of it. During our chat Michna jokingly referred to their work around that time as ‘adventure hop’, a name they used for the title of their first EP. The music certainly fits more than snuggly within the book’s narrative and ideas but also within the aesthetics we were trying to represent with the mix.

More on these guys once I get the interview I did with Michna together, but they’re certainly interesting for being a lot softer than what Schematic was known for at the time as well as for having a background as a live band which then moved into electronics, giving birth to this sound of theirs.

Never forget about Miami. Or at least try not to.

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