Los Angeles’ Dibia$e is another omission from the original tracklist for the mix. To be fair at the time we put the mix together, getting a hold of his beats was still pretty tricky, though come to think of it the video game sampling EP he did in ’08 was already a firm favourite of mine at that time, so we did miss him out (I can’t find links to it anymore and it’s hidden in my back up drive somewhere).

Sweatson Klank once told me Dibia$e was like L.A’s own Dilla in a sense, a praise that many would agree with as the producer has a quality to his beats that is undeniably as neck snapping as some of Dilla’s greatest moments. Thanks to Myspace in no small part he’s come to more worldwide prominence in recent years with releases on All City records among others and there’s a new project he’s involved in called The Dark Horsemen which is one of the things I’m most excited about this year in terms of the coming together of the new generation of beatmakers and MCs. Let’s hope it does come out, though for now we’ve got a track forthcoming on Kutmah’s new Worldwide Family vol.2 compilation.

I just came across this interview Dibia$e did in Montreal last year and was pleasantly surprised to see him talk early on in the video about how ‘people come up with all these names. We just know it as beats’. This is a point I make during the talks when I touch on how the idea of a scene coalesced in the late 00s and how ‘beats’ was the one generic term that seemed to be the most accepted. Ultimately though, beats is too generic a term despite its usefulness. He also talks about how krumping in L.A is tied to the beats scene something I didn’t know about, or that he was an MC and that Flying Lotus DJed his last set as an MC.

They also name check Montreal producers such as KenLo Craqnuques and Shash’u, the latter I discovered recently thanks to Kutmah’s new Brownswood compilation. You can also check a recording of Dibia$e’s set from the Montreal party here. Bonus!

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