One of the things we quickly realised when originally putting together the Boom Bap Continuum mix is that there was no way in hell we could be absolutely thorough about what to include – if we’d tried to we would probably have never released the thing.

As part of the research I’m doing for the lectures I’m looking at the tracks and producers we missed, and I’ll be blogging these omissions here for everyone to enjoy.

First up in the series is the amazing instrumental for Brandy’s What About Us? produced by Rodney Jerkins

Nicknamed Darkchild, Jerkins as a discography longer than your arm (see wikipedia), and what’s amazing about this instrumental is just how ‘ahead’ of its time it was – we’re talking straight up proto-w*nky here (not to be taken tooooo seriously please). Play this now and it could be any number of beat producer from the last few years, but instead it was a chart topping single in a number of countries back in 2002/3. To say it laid grounds for what came after it would be an understatement.

Shouts to Manny Citinite for the timely reminder.

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