A Boom Bap Continuum – Mixed by 2tall, Kper and Clockwork. Artwork by Clockwork.

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Some love for the project…

‘I need a tracklist, like now’
Mr Beatnick

‘It’s unbelievably well mixed’
Alex Chase

‘This is one of those classic mixtapes that will go down in history – genre defining, thoughtful & insightful, and mixed to perfection’

‘So is this what they call wonky then?’
some dude on a forum somewhere

The mix was also aired and featured on Solid Steel, Dublab, ISO50, PMOI, Sonic Router, Serie B, Percussion Lab, Resident Advisor, Lains for Lions, Brownswood, AvantUrb, Rhythm Incursions and a bunch other spots.

Nice artwork guise

Artwork by DJ Clockwork and an amazing pair of hands. Artwork bundle includes separated cassette covers, animated cover and collated cover. Browse individual artwork pages below, click on an image to launch viewing gallery. Alternatively you can browse the entire tracklist here.


Creative Commons License

This mix is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License. You are free, and we would encourage you, to share the mix (copy, distribute and transmit) as long as you give rightful credit, do not use it for commercial purposes and do not alter the original work.

More simply: we want this mix to be heard by as many people as possible. If you wish to broadcast it then please do, if you want to re-host it on your site/whatever then please do, and so on and so forth. However please give credit and if you re-host the file do not alter the file name, attached artwork or meta-data.